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Dragon Drive Characters

Anime/Manga Season 1


Reiji Ozora (大空レイジ Ōzora Reiji)
The main protagonist character. Due to his short attention span, he is renowned as a lazy quitter that never keeps any of his promises and is nicknamed 'The Tardy Champion'. Blackmailed by Maiko, he was dragged to Dragon Drive against his will, but became obsessed with the game after his first taste of victory. He has the ability to tame almost any dragon. His dragon is Chibi(Chibisuke in Japanese). Chibi gains a special sword in one of the episodes after he defeats a legendary dragon. Many conflicts happens in his journey and he gains many allies.
Maiko Yukino (雪野麻衣子 Yukino Maiko)
Reiji's childhood friend. She is always pushing or blackmailing Reiji to do things with her. She is tough and dislikes being patronized, often striving to prove herself as an equal to her comrades. She has a crush on Reiji that she is probably unaware of, and often gets jealous when any other girl appears to be showing signs of affection toward Reiji.
Daisuke Hagiwara (萩原大介 Hagiwara Daisuke)
A fellow schoolmate of Reiji and Maiko, he initially holds a grudge against Reiji for stealing Maiko's affection, but the two eventually become close friends. He thinks of Reiji as a rival, but Reiji doesn't think much of him, especially after Reiji's lucky victory over Daisuke in their first battle against one another.
Kyoji Tachibana
Known as the coolest kid at Reiji's school, he is an excellent Dragon Drive player who wants to challenge Reiji himself. He is impressed with Chibi's abilities. He is the Champion of A Block.
Sayaka Towa
The best female Dragon Drive player in the world. Her dragon is even weaker in attack power than Chibi, but her dragon's attack makes her enemies fall victim to their own power. She seems to have a crush on Reiji, which angers Maiko. She is the champion of C block.
Hikaru Himuro
The number one Dragon Drive player in the world, and Reiji's biggest rival. He was recruited by RI-ON as a soldier, but doesn't seem to care for anybody or anything. His true intentions are unknown, and Reiji is the only person he sees any interest in. He later defects from RI-ON to pursue Reiji with the intention of challenging him to a showdown. He is the reigning superchampion.
Ichiro Sumishiba
One of Reiji's rivals who works for RI-ON. Struggling to fulfill his family's high expectations, he strives to defeat Hikaru and take his place as the number one Dragon Drive player in the world. He later betrays RI-ON and joins up with Reiji's comrades to save the two worlds. He has the habit of saying to defeat his opponents in 10 minutes. He is the champion of B Block.
Agent L
The announcer of Dragon Drive games. Ever since Reiji's first lucky victory against Daisuke, she has been keeping a constant eye on him. Encouraging his progress, she introduces him to a special training simulation to boost his skills. Agent L has a little sister named Meguru who she wishes to see even after Meguru became a traitor to RI-ON.
Agent S
A mysterious member of RI-ON. Not much is known about him, except that he is close friends with Agent L, a chain smoker, and a superb computer programmer.
A member of Reiji's team on Rikyu. He first challenges Reiji to a showdown for stealing his spot in the tournament, but quickly agrees to join his team and help him. He is a strong foe who went crazy during the last tournament, and seeks revenge on a Kouhei who took out one of his eyes. Usually a rough, uncouth drunkard, he has a strong sense of righteousness, and is greatly loyal to his comrades. He has 2 brothers: Hakkaku and Gokaku.
Yako's little brother. He blames Rokaku for his brother's death and seeks revenge, so he teams up with Kouhei to get closer to him. However, unaware to him, Kouhei is the one responsible for Yako's death.
Miss Sue
She is the younger of the two twins that Reiji faces. She, like her brother, was possessed by Darxs because she felt she was alone in the world. The only one that she and her brother could trust was their guardian Sally.
Master Lyn
He is the older of the two twins. He was also possessed by Darxs because he too felt he was alone in the world. Like sue, the only one Lin could trust was their guardian Sally.
The guardian of the twins. She knows that Sue and Lin were never paid attention to by their parents, even though they were bought everything they wanted. Although she follows their orders, she seeks Reiji's help to save Sue and Lin.
Kohei Toki
Working for RI-ON, he is the son of RI-ON's President Toki. He has been trained to fight in Dragon Drive ever since he was little, proving to be a very powerful elite and the strongest of his team. Toki seems to try to gains his father's love by doing whatever his father tells him to, though he is not fully aware of what will happen when his father has the Jinryu stone. In volume seven of the manga, he calls Reiji annoying and attempts to kill him. Later, however, it is he who nears death, is picked up by his father, and is told that he was "truly the hero."
Mukai is one of the sole living members of his clan, that came under the attack of an evil dragon named "Gwonku". He is looking for his mother and trying to avenge the destruction of his clan by searching for Gwonku. He has a crush on Sayaka Towa, who uses him to get closer to the Dragonite. His team consists of himself, Sayaka, and Kyoji.
Rockaku's little brother and the true successor to Senkoukura. Trying to prove himself worthy as the true successor, he steals Chibisuke and goes on a quest of bravery. However, he fails to even release Chibisuke's true form of Senkoukura. When Reiji comes to his rescue, Gokaku finally recognizes him as the true master, no longer hindering him and later helping him. Although he acts like a spoiled brat, he only wants to help everyone, but is constantly ignored because he doesn't truly own a dragon.
Agent L's younger sister and a traitor to RI-ON. She once tried to help in the plot to take over Rikyu, but she defected when she was saved by the people of Rikyu and came to realize the truth about Dragon Drive. She has made a home for herself in Rikyu, and is the chosen heir for Rikyu's leader.
A young boy transported to Rikyu by RI-ON. He's even stronger than Kohei and tricks Reiji and the others into trusting them (although Chibi took an instant dislike to him). He then betrays them and reveals he is with RI-ON. He is in love with Megeru and always wants to prove his strength. However, something isn't quite right with him.
Shiro Kurosawa
A young man who only appeared in Episode 19 and has a habit of ending most sentences with the suffix "-su". He was accidentally transported to Rikyuu through no fault of his own and met Eager-Striker, a dragon who became his first friend. When the group met him, he claimed he hated dragons and had locked his own partner away in a cave due to a misunderstanding between them (he thought Eager-Striker had attacked him, but Eager-Striker was trying to destroy a type of miniature dragon that drinks human blood). He and his dragon eventually become friends again, with the wish that Kurosawa would become worthy of his dragon.
A girl who first appeared in volume five when Reiji ended up in a dungeon while searching for a place to spend the night. She made a promise to a dragon king, Kobakukono, that she would protect his child, Kokko, but later found out that the "child" was actually a reincarnated, younger form of the king.
Hysteric Rose
The leader of the organization Ninety-Nine Gorgeous. She hunts for rare dragons and slaughters the rest for huge amounts of money, but also wants to protect her turf from RI-ON. Rose hunted for Kobakukono, asking him to transform in a stronger, younger body so he could fight with her.


Chibisuke (チビスケ) a.k.a. The Chosen one (Senkoukura)/ Chibi a.k.a. The Chosen One ( Senkoukura)
Light-elemental. Reiji's dragon and the long awaited savior of Rikyu. As Chibi, he appears to be the weakest dragon, but in his true form as Senkoukura, he is the most powerful of all dragons, and worshipped as a deity by some. He is also able to change his element such as dark or fire. He looks like a traditional European dragon, only upright, in his true form. His "chibi" form is a small dragon with tiny wings and fur. His strength and abilities can alter depending on Reiji's emotional state. Its signature attack is a devastating blast of energy, "Light Wave", that destroys everything in its path.
Earth-elemental. Maiko's lion-type dragon. Incapable of flight, and attacks via sonic roars. If amplified, its roar can destroy entire hoards of weaker dragons.
Medina Heaven
Light-elemental. A little unicorn-type dragon that accompanies Maiko and her friends on their quest. Maiko calls it Rinrin (Rinrin-chan in Japan). Said to bring good luck to those who see it.
Ice-elemental dragon. Very loyal, Kanper resembles a cross between a wolf and a dragon. In the manga Kanpa can create blizzards freezing everything in the area. He belongs to Daisuke Nagiwara, and is Reiji's first opponent in Dragon Drive.
Air Blast
Wind-elemental. Kyoji's dragon. Very powerful against liquid dragons. He has the basic oriental wingless dragon form, although several small wings surround his head.
Floral Fern
Earth-elemental. Sayaka's dragon. A rather avian dragon, with the lowest attack of any dragon. However, Floral Fern fights by altering the opponents abilities.
Light-elemental. Hikaru's first dragon, but its use was abandoned after its defeat to Senkoukura. Capable of creating illusions and mirages.
Dark-elemental. Hikaru's second dragon in place of Koakoh. Is said to be capable of shapechange.
Dark-elemental. One of Ichiro's many dragons. Has infrared eyesight and can hear sounds humans can't, making it an excellent tracker.
Hayate Slash
Wind-elemental. One of Ichiro's many dragons, and is often favored for its high speed and power.
Lightning-elemental. Rokaku's second dragon. Originally belonged to Yako. Has the same basic body form as Senkoukura. Like Rokaku, Thunderbolt is missing an eye. Will charge straight at enemies and taunt them. Its special attack can cripple even the Senkoukura.
Fire-elemental. Sue's dragon.
Ice-elemental. Lin's dragon. Uses deadly white flames to incinerate everything.
Dark-elemental. Kohei Toki's ghost-type dragon and companion. Capable of possessing people by feeding on the darkness in their souls. The darker the soul, the stronger the possession.
Wind-elemental. Kohei Toki's phoenix-type dragon. Extremely durable and quick, can shoot feathers at high speed and create barriers at will. In the manga, Raitonaitsunaito was a light dragon who evolved into a dark one.
Shadow Fang
Dark-elemental. Mukai's dragon. Has regenerative abilities.
A large rotund evil dragon who rules over the city of Yaudim. In the anime version, he rules the city on his own and has captured Mukai's mother, holding her prisoner, until Daisuke finds her dead. In the manga, he rules Yaudim, but is actually very childish and has a close human advisor who actually handles all internal affairs, making him seem less evil. He also has a crush on Maiko, who resents his advances until she learns of the relationship he once had with the female singer who originally owned Rin-Rin.
Guan-Coo/Gwancoo (Deadly Form)
Dark-elemental. Guan-Coo's true form that emerges from the belly of the original. A stark contrast to his rotund form as this body is highly muscled and berserk. He transforms into this after the palace was attacked by Kohei. He risked his life to protect Maiko and Sumishiba by using his true form to shield the flower garden from Kohei's Dynamo Spark dragon's powerful beam, although neither of them saw his true form since he had hid the two in a shelter under the tombstone in the garden prior to the attack.
Kurosawa's dragon. His right arm is much bigger than his left and uses it as his primary means of attacking (he can fire off his claws and retract them on rope-like structures). He does not appear to have a breath weapon like other dragons.
Crystal Gene
Hideaki's dragon. He is purple with green crystal structures jutting out of his head and shoulders. His crystals are the main source of his attacks, being able to fire beams of energy and project strong forcefields. He is a balanced offense/defense dragon.
Silver's dragon. He is proud and regal, and fights only for himself. When taken by Rose, he promised Silver that he would return to her if he should die. He also told her to raise his "child," Kokko. Later, it is revealed that he had no child after all, but was simply in the form of one. Kono is a bird-like dragon, although not as much as Raitonaitsunaito: his head is that of an eagle's, his body is covered in feathers, and his paws are similar to that of talons. He is also one of the only dragons that can talk.

Manga Season 2


Takumi Yukino
Maiko's little brother, and the new protagonist of Season 2. A habitual daydreamer, he prefers activities like bonsai, napping and others that are preferred by much older folk. After receiving his first set of Dragon Drive cards, he decides to give the game a try. For fear of his sister's wrath, he passes off as "Matsu Goro", but gets found out by Agent L. He vows to restore Raikoo's memory
Kenji Koto
One of the Dragon Drive's original competitors, he wanted revenge on "Matsu Goro" for smashing his face in (an accident on Takumi's part). However, because of his underestimating the newbie, he was defeated and lost his placing in the competition. Later, after finding out about "Matsu Goro's" true identity, he forgives Takumi for the earlier incident, and soon becomes one of his best friends.
A rich, charismatic Dragon Drive player who passes off as a gentle, sweet-natured boy, but is actually a bully who steals high-leveled cards in order to defeat his opponents. After getting caught red-handed by Takumi, he attempted to frame Takumi and steal his cards. However, after a showdown between the two, Hiyoshi's true nature was revealed, and he fled the building before Takumi could beat him.
The barrel-chested storekeeper of one of the Dragon Drive outlets. After Agent L redirected Takumi to his store, he eventually took Takumi under his wing and became his mentor, teaching him how to become a powerful Dragon Drive player.
Maria Tsukimi
A girl with a habit of violently plucking grass when she's frustrated. After getting cruelly dumped by Taro, she swore to defeat him in Dragon Drive and make him submit to her punishment once and for all. Although powerful, she underestimated the combined strategies of Takumi and Taro, and was defeated quickly.
Taro Otohime
A lazy Dragon Drive player with a short attention span. Because he is often bored and takes interest in few things, he passes the time by sleeping (even in the middle of a national Dragon Drive competition). However, he is one of the top players, and is next to unbeatable. He commands a Raikoo named Anima.
Bunroku Azuma
A short, but impressive young man, and leader of a large gang. He loathes being belittled, and often strives to prove himself as a true man. One of the top players, he is Taro's rival, and originally planned to defeat him in the national competition. However, because Takumi forfeited his placing and left the competition, Azuma was offended and decided to hunt Takumi down and fight him.
Neko Chihoda
She was first found in the park by Agent A after RI-IN made it's move. She freaks out when she sees the damage that was done.
A mysterious girl who makes use of special Dragon Drive boosts and anti-Dragon weaponry in order to become a powerful hunter. Originally detained by RI-IN, she was released on the condition that she find Takumi's party and eliminate them.
Commander Araki
The leader of RI-IN. He believes that humanity needs to evolve and become like the dragons in order to bring about the "ideal" world. He and a number of followers have already successfully evolved into a human/dragon hybrids.
Agent L
Still the famous announcer of the Dragon Drive game, and still unwilling to admit her age. After Takumi accidentally won a placing in the upcoming Dragon Drive National Tournament, she sent him to Koizumi-tenchou's store to train.
Agent A
An old man who used to work under RI-IN as a scientist, but defected when he learned of Araki's dangerous plans. He was the one who gave Takumi his first set of Dragon Drive cards, and taught the boy to understand his new dragon and the world of Rikyu.
Agent I
One of the agents working for RI-IN. He is considered one of the leaders appointed by Araki, and commanderes other agents to apprehend any defectors and take back the cards Agent A distributed.
Agent S
One of the agents working for RI-IN. Under Agent I's supervision, he continues to do what he does best by keeping track of the important data.
Agent J
One of the agents working for RI-IN. A hopelessly lazy slacker, he attempted to bomb a Dragon Drive center in order to make his job easier. However, Takumi and Reiji managed to foil his plan, though he did not appear to care about it.
Agent V
One of the defecting agents. Agent J managed to apprehend him, but he escaped in a chaotic situation involving a berserk dragon. In the aftermath of that same chaotic situation, he found and aided Takumi's group for a short while before going into hiding once more.
Maiko Yukino
While searching for her "missing" brother, she was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds once more. She also helped Meguru to convince Takumi to gather all the Raikou-ou masters at Mt. Fuji to be transported to Rikyu. Although more composed and mature, she is still a tough, hardy character who cares about her brother and is unafraid to say her piece.
Daisuke Hagiwara
While helping Maiko look for Takumi, he too was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds once more. He still has a heavy crush on Maiko, and showed much jealousy toward Ichiro's friendly encouragement to her.
Ichiro Sumishiba
He was called by Meguru to return to Rikyu and help defend the two worlds. No longer as arrogant as in his younger days, he is a thoughtful character who cares about his friends. He also appears to have a friendly relationship with Maiko, and gives her encouragement.
Now the leader of Rikyu. She called Reiji, Maiko, Daisuke and Ichiro via Agent L's email to meet up with her. Because Reiji was late, Meguru only brought Maiko, Daisuke and Ichiro with her back to Rikyu. With the three of them and Hikaru's help, she managed to open a portal to allow the Raikou-ou masters on Earth to come to Rikyu as well.
Reiji Ozora
Still as lazy as ever, he has hardly changed since his younger days. Because he overslept and missed the meeting with Meguru, he did not go back to Rikyu straight away. Instead, Agent S managed to bring him back to Earth to help fight against RI-IN's power.
Although no longer as drunk, he is still loud and uncouth. More powerful than before, he took it upon himself to train the Dragon Drive players from Earth and prepare them to fight against RI-ON.
Hikaru Himuro
Having stayed behind in Rikyu since the last world crisis, he has been training himself for his showdown with Reiji. At Meguru's request, he returned to Earth to do two things:(1) open the portal that would lead the Raikou-ou masters into Rikyu, and (2)return Chibi to Reiji.


Fire-elemental. A small dog-like dragon.
Wind-elemental. Kenji used his Dragon during his first match with Takumi.
Lightning-elemental. A large black wingless dragon.
Shell-elemental. A power, sword-wielding dragon which Hiyoshi uses.
Lightning-elemental. Small dragons that attack in groups.
Little Kraken
Water-elemental. A penguin type dragon.
Light-elemental. A dragon that attacks with bright light which hypnotizes the opponent.
Gust Attacker
Wind-elemental. Can create wind which knocks out multipule opponents.
Earth-elemental. A stealthy dragon controlled by Bunroku.
Lightning-elemental. A little dragon that is close to Neko and freaks out when danger is near.
Lightning-elemental. A dragon that was chasing Neko, until Raikoo defeated him.
Light-elemental. Koizumi-tenchou's wolf-type dragon.
Dark-elemental. A dragon belonging to a young unnamed raider.
L Air Strike
Earth-elemental. A bomb-dragon created by RI-IN that operates in packs. Used by Agent J to strike at a Dragon Drive center.
Orca Eel/Denki-Okautsubon
Lightning-elemental. Although weak, this eel-type dragon is highly intelligent. The one in Takumi's card set even directed its very own television broadcast in order for Takumi to alert all of Japan's Raikou-ou masters.
RFD-103A Gladius
Non-elemental. Created by RI-IN to aid Alisa, it is capable of flight as well as storing all of her anti-dragon weaponry.
Dark-elemental. Having newly reincarnated in Rikyu, Canopus has become more powerful, capable of taking out one of RI-IN's anti-dragon missiles with a single blast.
Dark-elemental. One of RI-IN's human/dragon hybrid agents that was sent to destroy the portal and prevent the Raikou-ou masters from leaving Earth.
Chibisuke a.k.a. Senkoukura/ Chibi a.k.a. Senkoukura(Kammpreetett)
After full recuperation in Rikyu, Chibi was returned to Reiji by Hikaru under Megeru's request. However, Chibi was initially unable to become Senkoukura, and was stuck in its much, much weaker form.
Thunder Bolt
Since its last upgrade, Thunder Bolt remains the supreme of might in terms of lightning power, easily disciplining the Raikou-ous while resuming their training.
Upon Maiko's return to Rikyu, the two were reunited. Ghoalaoh appears to have evolved since he was last seen in Season 1.
Upon Daisuke's return to Rikyu, the two were reunited. Kanper is probably stronger, but Daisuke's excitement over impressing Maiko caused a few slip-ups in the midst of battle.
Hayate Slash
Upon Ichiro's return to Rikyu, the two were reunited. Hayate Slash is stronger as well, and holds out well in battle.

Raikou-ou (Raikou-ō): There are 99 listed Raikou-ous all over Japan, each slightly different. Some are of other elements, but most of them are lightning-elemental.

Raikou-ou/Raikou-ou Edea
Lightning-elemental. The main Raikou-ou that Agent A placed in Takumi's care. Raikou-ou has lost his memory of the past, which has been locked away together with his power as Raikou-ou Edea.In the end he regains his memories and powers.

Manga Season 2: The Special Ending

This ending follows up on twenty-seven years after Rikyu and Earth joined to become one. Despite the entirely new cast of characters, the series of Dragon Drive has been declared as "complete", and there has been no claims toward another season as of yet.

The firstborn son of Takumi and Alisa. He takes after his father completely in terms of appearance as well as personality.
The younger sister of Takuro, and daughter of Takumi and Alisa. She takes after her mother in terms of appearance and personality, and shares a close relationship with her older brother Takuro.
The firstborn son of Reiji and Maiko. He takes after his father completely in terms of appearance as well as personality. In addition, he has an older brother complex that causes him to react greatly to his little sister's boyfriend.
The younger sister of Rai-ichi, and daughter of Reiji and Maiko. She takes after her mother in terms of appearance, but is a little less of a tomboy than Maiko had been.
The son of Daisuke. He takes after Daisuke in appearance, but acts more casually than his father. Good friends with Rai-ichi and Kouhei, he is also Mariko's "boyfriend", and often keeps her company.
Rai-ichi's best friend. More carefree and innocent than the Kouhei of Anime/Manga Season 1, he looks no different appearance-wise.
The son of Ichiro. He takes after his father both appearance and personality-wise, and is rather cocky.
The son of Hikaru. He takes after his father both appearance and personality-wise. Reiji and Hikaru's rivalry has also passed down to their sons, and the two continue to compete with each other.
A look-alike of Rockaku (not stated as Rockaku's son). He is fond of Kouhei and often takes care of the younger boy.
Agent L
Hired back to once again announce Dragon Drive games. It is confirmed to be the original Agent L, but, surprisingly, she has not aged at all. She is also the same personality-wise. She, Agent S and Koizumi-tenchou continue to share a close relationship.
Agent S
Hired back to once again oversee the data and technicalities behind Dragon Drive. He's still as much a chain smoker as before. He, Agent L and Koizumi-tenchou continue to share a close relationship.
Hired as one of the staff for the main Dragon Drive game center. He, Agent L and Agent S continue to share a close relationship.
President Takumi Yukino
The new leader behind Dragon Drive's relaunch. He hired back the original as well as new staff in hope of once again reviving the game and bringing the dragons back - perhaps this time without any more threats to the world's welfare.
Dr. Reiji Ozora
Now heading his own private veterinary clinic.

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